Office Polices and Payment

Office Polices and Payment

I understand Colon Hydrotherapy is not a medical procedure and will not be covered by most medical insurances.

Once you schedule an appointment with "Biltmore Wellness Center," that time and date have been reserved for you. To cancel or reschedule, please call 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Appointments cancelled without notice within 24 hours are subject to a cancellation fee. A $35.00 charge for all cancellations or rescheduling will be made on the day of the appointment. I understand and agree that my appointments must be prepaid at the time of scheduling and billing information may be required.

Identification: As a new CLIENT, you will be asked to submit a valid driver's license or other form of identification before your first treatment, a copy of which will be kept in your confidential medical file.

Forms of Payment: Biltmore Wellness Center L.L.C. accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and online Paypal as payment for products and services.

Missed Appointments: All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your appointment. A $35.00 charge for all cancellations or rescheduling will be made on the day of the appointment.

Prepayment of Service: Any prepayment to secure special pricing is due in full prior to the stated expiration of the special. Payment for service is due at the time of scheduling.

Children: If you choose to bring your children with you to your appointment(s), they are to remain with you at all times.

Property: All personal property must be kept with the client at all times. "Biltmore Wellness Center" is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Coupons and Discounts: Coupons must be presented at the time of service to receive any advertised discount. If coupon is not presented for any reason, the full price will be charged. Coupons are not valid after the expiration date listed and may not be used in conjunction with other specials, discounts, or credits. If paid in advance as part of a series, appointments MUST be used within 30 days of purchase (Non Transferable).

Retail Return Policy: All supplements and other retail sales are final.

Refunds and Credits: Payment for services rendered is non-refundable. Results of procedures may vary and are subjective, and no guarantee will be given or implied with regards to the results, effectiveness, client satisfaction or duration of the achieved results.

I understand that the therapist of "Biltmore Wellness Center" administering the colon hydrotherapy session is not physician and does not provide medical services of any kind.

Clients are expected to seek and use such medical service as may be required from a physician. If any listed above contraindications are present, client will not receive colon hydrotherapy session in " Biltmore Wellness Center," and will be asked for a written referral from a medical provider. Please understand that in answering questions, we do not diagnose or prescribe, but offer nutritional information only to help you to cooperate with your doctor in your mutual quest of building good health. In the event you use this information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for yourself. This is your constitutional right, but "Biltmore Wellness Center" assumes no responsibility.

I understand the service of Colon Hydrotherapy is not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition. I understand Colon Hydrotherapy is a process, not a quick cure, and it is used as a valuable procedure for the detoxification process, rejuvenation, and restoration of good colon health. Colon hydrotherapy is not a cure; it is a tool for improving health. "Biltmore Wellness Center" has worked with thousands of clients and delivers noticeable, positive results with Colon hydrotherapy. Our client safety and satisfaction is our number one priority. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing. Your professional therapist is there to help you stay as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

I understand multiple sessions, combined with good eating habits and regular exercise, are necessary to achieve optimal results. It is advised before beginning a diet, exercise, or complimentary modality, to discuss it with your physician. The number of colonics you may need depends on your goals, intestinal health, dietary habits, and lifestyle choices. Results of procedures may vary and are subjective. No guarantee will be given or implied with regards to the results, effectiveness, client satisfaction, or the duration of achieved results. I understand Colon Hydrotherapy it is not a weight-loss program and "Biltmore Wellness Center" makes no promises of any weight lost from the sessions. Although colon hydrotherapy should not be undertaken solely as a weight loss technique, most clients do report the benefit of some weight loss due to the ridding of excess poundage in the form of accumulated waste. When the colon is clean and able to function efficiently, overall digestion, absorption of nutrients and metabolism improves. Some nutritional supplements may be offered for additional support in the office for your personal use.

Do not discontinue any medications or supplementation prescribed by your physician.


The cleansing program under Elena's supervision was incredibly wonderful! My life was filled with many digestion problems (stomach aches, gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, distended abdomen and headaches).It seemed as though anything I ate was hurting my stomach and getting worse as I was getting older. I thought I might have a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions. And when Elena suggested the Sedona Labs supplements, which she tailored especially for my sensitive body type, I became very excited and decided to make the commitment. So I combined colon hydrotherapy sessions with Sedona Labs Probiotics, enzymes, colostrum, and some other supplements and lots of water, more raw foods, freshly juiced vegetables, chewing my food well and the incredible support from Elena, for an amazing life and body changing experience in less than 3 months! Now I rarely have stomachaches, bloating, gas, constipation or headaches. I love my 75% raw food diet, my champion juicer, my increased energy level, losing 10 pounds, and yes, even the unexpected and delightful benefit of an increased libido. - Karen Collins




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