Colon Hydrotherapy FAQs

1. Is colon hydrotherapy safe? Yes. In fact with new colon therapy equipment, treatments are much safer than the common enema.

2. How does a colon hydrotherapy treatment compare to an enema? An enema only reaches the rectum and lower part of the colon, whereas with colon hydrotherapy, the entire length of the colon (the large intestinal tract approximately 5 to 5½ feet in length) is reached. Colon hydrotherapy is many more times effective. According to learned centenarian Dr. Norman Walker, “One colon irrigation is equivalent to 30 enemas.”

3. Do the treatments hurt? No. In fact many people report their colon hydrotherapy sessions as being both refreshing and relaxing.

4. How much of the intestines are cleansed during a colon hydrotherapy treatment? During a treatment it is possible for a professional colon therapist to cleanse the full length of the colon (large intestine). The small intestine are not specifically involved in a colon hydrotherapy treatment.

5. Should I see my doctor before my first colon hydrotherapy session? If you have a concern about your health or the appropriateness of colon hydrotherapy you should consult a doctor. If you are diagnosed with diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, severe hemorrhoids, rectal or intestinal tumors,Breast feeding Pregnancy , Immunocompromised at present time, Present gastrointestinal infection, Rectal bleeding, Vomiting at present time, Strong abdominal pain ,Carcinoma of the colon or rectum, Fissures/fistulas, Abdominal hernia / inguinal hernia, Colon surgery , Recent abdominal surgery (at least the 3 months post surgery), Recent colonoscopy (at least the 12 days post Colonoscopy), Tumor in the Rectum or Large Intestine, Renal insufficiency, Kidney dialysis, HIV, AIDS, Epilepsy, History of seizures, Abortion (less than 6 months) , Miscarriage (less than 4 months post-op),Congestive heart failure of organic valve disease, Severe cardiac disease, Uncontrolled hypertension, Aneurysm, Take blood medication, Severe anemia, GI hemorrhage/perforation, colon hydrotherapy is absolutely contraindicated for one with pronounced rectal bleeding. The following are absolute contraindications for colon hydrotherapy. If you have any of these contraindications, colon hydrotherapy is NOT advised. Once they have subsided or been eliminated, colon therapy may be indicated with PRESCRIPTION from your licensed physician. Professionally administered colon hydrotherapy is safe, and generally if you are free of the above sited conditions, a medical examination prior to therapy, should not be necessary.

6. Is bacterial or viral contamination possible from the colon hydrotherapy equipment? Modern colon hydrotherapy machines utilize pre-sterilized, disposable hoses and speculums. These disposables are used only once during a single therapy session. Properly administered, there is absolutely no danger of contamination.

7. How long does a treatment take? Actual treatment time is about 45 minutes, but you should plan a total session visit of one hour in duration.

8. Does a menstrual period at the time of a colon hydrotherapy session effect treatment? No, in fact it's usually a good time to receive a treatment, since your body is already cleansing. Your flow will not interfere with the success of the treatment.

9. What should I do to prepare for a colon hydrotherapy cleansing? Refrain from eating 1hour before the cleansing, stay hydrated, be as relaxed as possible and maintain a positive, cheerful attitude.

10. Will I experience any intestinal discomfort or fatigue after the cleansing? Usually not, but since the cleansing will stir up a lot of old debris and toxins, you might experience some minor nausea or fatigue. If any discomfort occurs, it is recommended to rest and apply a warm heating pad to the abdomen. If you wish, a mild vegetable broth or peppermint tea is usually soothing at this time. Any discomfort will usually pass within 24 hours.

11. Do I need to take acidophilus after colon cleansing to replace intestinal flora washed out of the colon? While it is recommended to use acidophilus; it is not because the treatment washes out intestinal flora. Colon hydrotherapy does not wash out intestinal flora. Taking acidophilus subsequent to a colon cleansing is beneficial, because it helps to improve the bacterial balance in the colon.Probiotic will be provided at the end of session

12. Can I work directly after having a colon hydrotherapy session? Certainly. You can work just as you would after a regular bowel movement.


The cleansing program under Elena's supervision was incredibly wonderful! My life was filled with many digestion problems (stomach aches, gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, distended abdomen and headaches).It seemed as though anything I ate was hurting my stomach and getting worse as I was getting older. I thought I might have a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions. And when Elena suggested the Sedona Labs supplements, which she tailored especially for my sensitive body type, I became very excited and decided to make the commitment. So I combined colon hydrotherapy sessions with Sedona Labs Probiotics, enzymes, colostrum, and some other supplements and lots of water, more raw foods, freshly juiced vegetables, chewing my food well and the incredible support from Elena, for an amazing life and body changing experience in less than 3 months! Now I rarely have stomachaches, bloating, gas, constipation or headaches. I love my 75% raw food diet, my champion juicer, my increased energy level, losing 10 pounds, and yes, even the unexpected and delightful benefit of an increased libido. - Karen Collins




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